About company


About company

The main activity of Cunstruction Company Number One is realization of the set of activities related to the development of project documentation, design, capital construction, renovation and reconstruction of residential and commercial real estate destination in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The Company conducts its activities in cooperation with leading organizations of the building complex and in full consultation with all organizational issues of federal and local authorities. Construction Company NUMBER ONE constantly optimizes its work in accordance with modern requirements for project management, personal experience and analysis of the practice of Russian and foreign companies.

The main principle of working with partners is individual approach and personal interest in the success of each project.

The company's staff are professional interior designers. They are ready to create an exclusive design apartment, office or country house that meets all modern requirements for safety and comfort.

A great attention is paid to recruitment. The company's specialists are builders with years of experience. You can trust them with the most difficult tasks.

High level of service is another feature our company. For customer convenience we work seven days a week and advise during off-hours. The company has a multi-channel hotline, which experts are ready to answer your questions.

Construction Company NUMBER ONE guarantees high quality of service. All warranties are fixed in the official contract. For us it is important the client was satisfied with the services rendered. Come to us and you will see for yourself!

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