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We give preference to environmentally friendly materials, safe for health. This product is well-known European companies, which are manufactured on modern high-tech manufacturing. Materials contain natural ingredients and can be used even in areas where there are children and pets. Below are the main brands of building materials, which we supply to their sites.

Knauf.png   Knauf

The company was founded in Germany in 1932, has branches in 69 countries around the world. Quality standards are the same for production in Germany and other countries. We use various types of products Knauf:

- Mortar Knauf Rotband. Made from natural minerals - gypsum. This material "breathes" by adjusting the humidity in the room;

- Primer Knauf Tiefengrund - does not contain toxic solvents;

- Knauf plasterboard: no toxic components in the composition and has a level of pH (acidity), which coincides with the pH of human skin.

USG.gif     USG

One of the key manufacturers of building materials in North America. Products under the brands of the company USG environmentally safe. For example, Putty Sheetrock does not contain asbestos, which adversely affects the health of.


One of the largest manufacturers of building materials in Russia. The company has its own center of technological developments. All products undergo laboratory testing and double quality control, including - environmental safety. We use a wide range of products UNIS. For example, the ground "Yunigrunt", which does not contain harmful contaminants, and plaster UNIS. This material does not emit harmful substances and suitable for use in child care centers, hospitals, food processing plants.

dufa.gif     Dufa

Famous brand of paints from Germany. Paints Dufay form of "breathing" coating provides air between the surface and the surrounding atmosphere. This allows you to adjust the humidity and the microclimate in the room.

kleo.gif     Kleo

Wallpaper paste Kleo contains only natural ingredients, so it is safe for health. Special additives protect the wall from mold and mildew. High quality material allows you to securely glued to the walls and the wallpaper is perfect to fit them together.

The use of proven materials allows us to offer a guarantee on repairs up to 7 years.

We are confident in the quality of our services, so we can assume such obligations

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