Repair of apartments

Comparison of tariffs for finishing of apartments in new buildings  

«Construction Company Number One» performs different types of repairs, including low-cost repair of apartments in new buildings and model homes. Especially for you we have developed three variants of repair: «Minimal»«Classic»«Elegance» involving a different set of standard works and additional options.

Minimal - 60$ per square meter

Redecorating the apartment. Allows you to quickly freshen up the room without the high cost. Update includes all visible surfaces, installing laminate flooring, installation of new switches and sockets. The minimum area for repair on this tariff plan must be more than 60 square meters.

Price 60$ per square meter is valid if the area to be repaired is not less than 60 square meters. If you want to make a repair in a single room, for example, in the kitchen or bathroom (with an area less than 60 square meters), then you need to contact a company that specializes in the repair of partial areas. 

Косметический ремонт квартиры в МосквеКосметический ремонт квартиры Москва

Classic 130 to 215$ per square meter

Overhaul of the apartment in a new building or a country house. Allow to drastically update or change the surface, making alignment of the walls, their oblitsevat tiles, suspended ceiling, replace plumbing, make the apartment a modern and more comfortable.

Отделка квартиры в новостройкеОтделка квартиры в Москве

Elegance - by 250$ per square meter

Has the widest range of construction and repair work. This type of repair and decoration includes elements of design and redevelopment of apartment, allows to build apartment space exactly to your wishes.

Элитный ремонт квартиры в МосквеДизайн и перепланировка квартиры в Москве

For comparison, the present embodiments of repair of apartments refer to the table 

Comparative table of tariffs 

Type of service




Check out expert

+ + +

Design project


Author's supervision

+ +



Project of ventilation

option +

Electricians project 

+ +

Water supply project

+ +
Wall decoration


+ + +


+ + +


+ +
Ceiling finish

Painting or wallpapering

+ + +

Installation of suspended ceilings

option + +
Decoration, repair of floors

Laying laminate flooring, linoleum and carpet

+ + +


+ +
Sanitary engineering

Replacement of water pipes and sewerage

+ +

Installation of toilets, sinks, bathtubs

+ +

Installation hung toilet

option +

Installing filters

option +

Installation of sockets and switches

+ + +

Transfer sockets, switches

option + +

Laying new wiring

+ +

Installation of machines, RCD

+ +

Installation of luminaires

option option +

Options are extra work, are not included in the base rate and are charged separately.

Our experts are always ready to advise you on the specifics of tariff plans and answer any questions related to the repair and finishing new apartments or housing in typical homes. Call our multichannel phone +7 (495) 66-55-456. For your convenience, we take calls around the clock.

 Guarantee terms

We provide a warranty from 2 to 7 years for quality repair of apartments in new buildings and model houses. Also ensure exact compliance with the terms agreed upon by you and specified in the official contract.

 Cost of repairs 

Our service plans differ in the amount and complexity of work.
— Apartment renovation plan «Minimal» - 60$ per square meter 
— Complex repair of apartments and finish according to plan «Classic» - from 130 to 215$ per square meter.
— Repair flat premium plan «Elegance» -  by 250$ per square meter

Regardless of the chosen tariff plan, will offer you high quality and eco-friendly building materials, professional services, first-class service.

How is the repair of new apartments and second homes?

1. The experts come to the object, calculate the cost of repairs and schedule.

2. The contract, which is prescribed schedule and warranty terms.

3. On the object delivered the necessary materials.

4. Begin repairs:

- Dismantling;

- Construction and finishing works.

5. Cleaning of the apartment, debris removal.

6. Acceptance of the works, signing acts performed work.

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