Luxurious apartment furnish

Luxurious apartment furnish by 250$ per square meter

Repair of apartments «Elegance» includes the maximum number of finishing and repair work - more than 50. Redevelopment of apartment, project design, luxury finishes of walls and ceilings, replacement of plumbing and electrical part of the basic set of works.

Элитный ремонт квартиры в МосквеЭлитный ремонт спальни

In our company you can order finishes and repair "turnkey". We carry out all types of work from material purchasing to connect appliances and finish cleaning. We guarantee that all the work on schedule. At Elite Apartments warranty up to 7 years.

 Repair of apartments «Elegance» includes:

1. Author and technical supervision.

2. Design:

- An electrical apartments;

- Water Supply Project;

- Draft ventilation;

3. Repair and finishing works:

- Elements of redevelopment: the device walls and niches of plasterboard or aerated concrete blocks;

- Walls: alignment, paperhanging, painting or tiling;

- Ceilings: Installation of suspension or suspended ceilings;

- Floors: screed unit of laminated flooring, tiling;

- Electrical: laying new wiring, transfer switches and outlets, installing the machine, RCD, fan, lamps;

- Plumbing: replacement of pipes and sewage systems, installation of sinks, faucets, bathtubs, toilets suspended, samoprochistnyh filter output to a sewer;

- Other works: installation of interior doors, window sills.

4. Cleaning of the apartment, recycling of construction waste.

Options to the tariff plan «Elegance»

In addition to the basic work, you can order additional services:

1. Dismantling: Dismantling the partition between the toilet / bathroom and other non-load-bearing walls, interior walls santehkabiny.

2. The device niches.

3. The device of false ceilings, stucco.

4. Figured plaster.

5. Laying solid or parquet, wooden skirting installation, the device podiums.

6. Install a folding / sliding doors, installation of window units.

7. Installation chandeliers.

8. Plumbing:

- Installation of a hot tub, kitchen sink;

- Connect the dishwasher;

- Installation of instantaneous water heaters;

- Connection of protection against leakage of water;

- Set the fine filter water.

9. Set the videophone.

10. Additional cleaning service.

«Elegance» includes the maximum number of options - more than 160 items of construction and finishing works.

Proven materials - the basis of quality repairs apartments

Elite apartments «Elegance» guarantees the use of high quality materials. They provide the perfect appearance of the premises for many years and at the same time are environmentally friendly.

We carefully select all construction and supplies. For example, tiling we use tile adhesive KNAUF, which is made from environmentally friendly natural ingredients and does not contain harmful impurities. More detailed information is contained in the Materials.

Cost of services and guarantee

The cost of repairs at the rate of «Elegance» is by 250$ per square meter.  Additional services and materials are paid separately.

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