Complex repair of apartments

Complex repair of apartments by 130$ per square meter

Major repairs and decoration of the apartment "Classic" includes qualitative renewal of all surfaces, alignment walls, replacement plumbing, wiring, installation of tension ceilings, laying laminate flooring and other work on how to make the apartment much easier and more beautiful.

In our company you can order a major overhaul of apartments under the key: from design and analysis to finish cleaning the apartment. You do not have to buy materials, make furniture and recycle construction waste - we will do all the work.

Капитальный ремонт квартирыКомплексный ремонт квартир фотоЕвроремонт квартиры в Москве

At work is warranted by 2 and in some cases up to 7 years. The cost of major repairs apartments initially involves a lot of work, a list of which is given below.

 What is included in the major overhaul of apartment

Total repair plan "Classic" includes more than 40 works, of which the main ones:

1. Design and Supervision:

- Wiring project;

- Water Supply Project;

- Author / technical supervision.

2. Repair and finishing works:

- Walls: alignment, pasting wallpaper, tiling;

- Ceilings: Installation of suspended ceilings;

- Floors: the device floor screed, installation of decorative thresholds, the device laminate flooring;

- Electrical: laying new wiring, transfer switches and sockets, setting machine, RCD, lining Internet and TV cable, mounting the TV outlet;

- Plumbing: plumbing, installation of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, faucets.

3. Cleaning of the apartment and debris removal.

 Options to the tariff plan «Classic»

In addition, you can order the following services:

1. Dismantling: Dismantling the partition between the toilet and bath, curtain walls, old plumbing and other things.

2. Installation of partitions.

3. Installation of suspended ceilings, stucco.

4. Wall mosaics.

5. Replacement of windows.

6. Set the videophone.

7. Additional cleaning of the room.

8. And more than 150 other options!

Environmentally friendly materials is a healthy atmosphere in the house!

We select high-quality building materials trusted manufacturers. For example, for interior work, we use the German paints Dufa, containing no solvent. They are not harmful components in the composition and is environmentally safe. More information can be found in the Partners.

The cost of major repairs and warranty

How much does a major overhaul and furnish an apartment?

Prices for major quality repair of apartments in Moscow under the tariff plan «Classic» - 130 to 215$ per square meter. Additional payments materials.

The warranty on the work of up to 7 years. The warranty period depends on the type of work and is fixed in the contract.

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Call us at +7 (495) 510-11-23 and our experts will advise you on the entire range of our services. You can order a free travel specialist for the measurements of the object or send an existing design project, and we will calculate the cost of repairs and agree on the timing of the start of work. For your convenience, we take calls around the clock.

In addition to overhaul you can order a luxury apartment renovation «Elegance». Call now!

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