Repair of offices

Repair and furnish offices

Customers when visiting the office of any company pay attention to its interior, state of repair. Negotiation may be the determining factor of the premises where the contracts are signed on cooperation. When working with potential customers important aspect is the presentation of products and services. Effectively present your product or service helps advanced technical equipment of the office, the presence of projectors and other necessary equipment for conferences.

Do not forget about the main driving mechanism of any company - its staff. Comfortable working conditions of employees of the company affect the efficiency and quality of work they do. Therefore, every room in the office must be properly executed, have a comfortable and ergonomic furniture - an essential element for the success of any business.

It's no secret that over the years of work you get used to the look of the room and can not ignore those defects in the state office that do not will hide from the "fresh" view of your customer. Therefore, it is important not to miss that critical moment when you simply need to make repairs.

Our unique service plans

Now it is clear that the development of the company should increase its class and office. If your business is growing, and the company's image is no longer allow you to place in the room of the former class, you just need to raise the status of your office. «Construction Company NUMBER ONE» will help in this.

We have a unique tariff plans designed specifically for such purposes. For example, the tariff plan «From B to A», due to which our experts by changing the design of the room, adding security systems, automation or air conditioning can improve your class to the highest office. In this case, you will not need to look for new premises to accommodate its staff. At the same place as before, you will get a brand new office.

For entrepreneurs, is located in the office of class, our company has prepared a special offer «From C to B». That room, which had not been suitable for the business and the work of your employees, we will remake the office in-class. Our experts can mount HVAC systems, conduct high-quality phone line, and, of course, change the interior. The total cost of finishing office will cost you much less than its change to a similar room a class above.

Class upgrade your office, due not only care about their own image, but also directly related to the need to improve working conditions. If you do not have air conditioning or lighting designed properly, the efficiency of work of your staff drops significantly. Ask for help in "building the number one", you will get a comprehensive solution to all these problems.

 Go to the next level!

If desired, change the work environment should not resort to drastic measures. If you are confused, that office is located in an old building, but its location you are completely satisfied, then you just need to make repairs. The fact that your company is located at the same place for many years, you emphasize reliability and quality thanks to the updated interior finishing indicates financial health of the company. In addition, changes in registration office says that your company is progressive, it should be all fashion trends, able to meet the requirements of the time. To get ahead of its competitors, it is necessary to move forward in everything, including the first order exclusive office design by «Construction Company NUMBER ONE». Every day spent in the office old renovated, undermines your image. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we'll help you - together we will achieve good results.

Working with our company, you will get a repair of offices under the key without any flaws and defects, which are possible in cooperation with small construction crews. You do not have to implement each repair operation to apply to different firms worry about the integrity of their staff - our qualified staff to perform all kinds of work at the highest level. All the furniture, every element of the interior will fit harmoniously into the overall appearance office - in fact in «Construction Company NUMBER ONE» by professional designers. Each of them is a graduate and clearly knows how to perform its task.

We guarantee:

- High-quality finish eco-friendly materials;

- Implementation of any scope of work of varying difficulty;

- Unique design.

Remember that we do not just offer to make repairs in the office, we offer a new level of comfort for unique tariffs. The prestige of your company - in your hands, do not miss the moment to raise it!

On matters relating to the repair of offices, please call us at any time convenient for you by calling      +7 (495) 510-11-23. Our experts will inform all your questions.

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