Construction of cottages

Construction of cottages

It's nice to have your own vacation home in the middle of a picturesque forest or on the lake. But even better to have a house built on an individual architectural project, with well-maintained yard area, swimming pool and playground for your adorable kids.

If you want to live in a house that will be admired by all the friends and passers-by, which is designed just for you we built this house. If you already know how to be your future home, we realize your desires, adding their own creative ideas if necessary.

Do you have a country house, but it is necessary to expand the area or perform re-planning? Or it's time to repair the cottage? «Construction company NUMBER ONE» will help you with it!

Wide experience, high professionalism, full provision of necessary technical equipment, the use of the most modern technologies allow us to implement the most daring and ambitious projects. During the construction of cottages we carry the entire range of activities, from the development and coordination of the project and ending with the design of the internal space of the house and landscaping.

Quality and environmental safety, unique and practical design and comfort these are the distinctive features of the constructed houses.

Our advantages

стрелкаFormal agreement. With every customer we conclude a formal agreement, which prescribed the final cost of the work and the exact timing of implementation. We provide a detailed budget showing all stages of the work and materials used.

стрелкаFull support of the project. We offer a full range of services for the construction of cottages. The necessary research soil, design cottage and outbuildings, harmonization of documentation in state agencies, obtaining permission for summarizing communications, design of interior space, exterior and interior, residential, cleaning and removal of debris. As well as expert advice on all issues.

стрелкаReasonable prices. We are doing a good job, so do not promise to build houses prices "the lowest in Moscow and the region." But guarantee that your new home is fully justify the investment. During the construction of cottages "turnkey" we offer special conditions, taking into account bonuses and discounts.

стрелкаQualified personnel. The staff of our company employs highly trained engineers, architects, and designers. We're now watching the new technologies and trends in construction, so we offer you the best deal. Construction and maintenance crews recruited from trusted workers to prove their professionalism. We never use the labor of illegal immigrants.

стрелкаQuality assurance. We use only quality materials known manufacturers have long won the trust of professionals. Therefore, confidence in the reliability and environmental safety of their buildings and boldly give a guarantee of quality.

стрелкаThe system of "smart home". Make your house as comfortable and safe help system "smart home". Alarm system, video surveillance, energy management and heating, voice control functions at home, automatic watering the lawn we sell you any favorite features.

стрелкаPhoto report. At customer's request we will provide detailed photo of each construction phase. Even without being able to personally visit erected cottage, you will be able at any time to see how the work is progressing.

What is included in the construction of houses 

1. Design houses and harmonization of documentation. Read more…

Soil examination. Before proceeding to the design of the building, it is necessary to conduct studies of soil in the proposed construction site. Only by relying on the results of the research can build a house "for centuries".

Development of the project of the cottage. Our experts will develop a project of any complexity cottage. We offer a lot of innovative solutions and take into account the wishes of the customer. The use of standard projects cottages will save finances.

3D visualization. Preliminary 3D design project will allow you to immediately see and appreciate the final result. If necessary, on the model easy to make changes.

Coordination of the documentation. Coordination of project documentation in state agencies and permits connection of communications - a tedious process. These bureaucratic formalities Trust our specialists. Wide experience and knowledge of all the subtleties allow to do the job in the shortest time.

2. Construction of cottage. Read more…

Foundation. Construction of the foundation - the most important and costly step, which requires precise calculation and qualitative performance. Largely depends on the foundation, how long will stay home. Such a complex operation must comply professionals are highly qualified.

Load-bearing structures. With the construction of walls and floors, we are working with all kinds of materials: brick, concrete, wood, gas and foam concrete blocks, metal constructions. Will help to save on heating and insulation application of energy saving technologies.

Roofing. Truss roof systems are usually made of wood or metal rolling. Covering home more often made of metal shingles or tiles coated, rarely used real ceramic tile. An important point in the device of the roof is noise, steam, hydro and thermal insulation.

Facing front. We can offer various options for facade cladding natural or artificial stone, traditional brick lining. Exquisite style facade give decorative elements.

Communication. After the "box" home built, executed communications device - ventilation, drainage, heating, gas, electricity and sewerage.

3. Interior finish cottage. Read more…

Undoubtedly, the satisfaction of living in a country house, a sense of comfort and relaxation is primarily dependent on the interior decoration of the cottage. The surrounding area should give you aesthetic pleasure, be comfortable, meet all your needs and desires. Therefore, it is important to approach this stage with special attention.

Finishing cottage is the most sensible approach. Control of the process is carried out by one person, all the work will be performed at the same high level.

We will develop an exclusive design interior decoration of the cottage in any architectural style, taking into account the personality of the customer and all his wishes, will pick up furniture, decorations and accessories. We select, procure and deliver all materials. And qualitatively perform all the finishing work.

Interior finish wooden house includes flooring and filing ceilings, installation of doors, windows, stairs, wall decoration. To preserve the natural environment and the beauty of a wooden cottage on the wall is applied toners and protective coatings. Decorating the walls of various natural or artificial materials will help sustain the interior design home in any architectural style.

4. Accomplishment of the cottage. Read more…

The finishing touch in the process of building a cottage is the landscaping of the adjacent territory. Land with relief of any complexity, we turned into a real estate with magnificent park. On individual landscape project, we planted trees, flower beds and lawns. Natural stone or paving slabs lay out tracks, platforms, retaining walls. Can not do on the site without an artificial pond, pool, fountain or waterfall. In the garden, install a metal, wood or stone garden furniture, small architectural forms and sculptures. Constructed for your bath, garage, outbuildings and a comfortable gazebo. And what about the field for mini-golf or children's playground for your heirs.

Interior finishing and repair houses

Even with careful and caring for it comes time to repair the cottage. We will repair turnkey family of any complexity. Cosmetic updating internal and external surfaces, overhaul and redevelopment of premises, exclusive design repair, bearing structures house, erection of extensions are all we can do.

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We guarantee:

 exclusive and practical design ideas;
 quality and environmentally friendly materials;
 highly qualified specialists;
 reasonable prices. 

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